Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conquering the spots that conquered you

So I went for a ride today. Nothing special other than I passed the section where my husband crashed not too long ago. And I had a lump in my throat.  Not more than a month ago, I had a similar crash on an obstacle and already it has put the fear in me where each time I approach it now, I go around it instead of over it. That stupid rock drop has won. So as I passed the trail that took my hubby down, I vowed I would not let that trail win too. I conceded that if every time I have a bad association with some particular trail obstacle, if I let it win, then eventually I won’t ride at all.

So I turned my bike around and headed into the dreaded spot. I approached it cautiously determined to clear the section as I have so many times before. Determined to put that bad association out of my head.  Determined to do it for my husband’s sake and mine.  I slowed down and rolled off it. My heart in my throat the whole time.  And, I did it. Made it without any problem. Well except for the fact that I am sure my heart beat was in the red zone from the anxiety. But, I beat it. I won this time. I took the trail back. So there stupid husband taking out obstacle….Eat THAT! As I pedaled back to the car, I called my husband to tell him what I’d done. I was proud. He was proud.  Mountain bike wife 1, Log drop off 0. Now if only I can take that courage and conquer  that rock drop that took me out. Some day.

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