Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last Doc Visit 12 Weeks Later

I saw the sport's doctor today and I made it very clear to him that I wanted to part ways. I told him, it's been twelve weeks, and it's gone on long enough. This thing has got to end. He chuckled a little nervously not sure where I was going with this.  I made sure to tell him it wasn't him, it was me. That I wanted to get back together with my bike already dang it and this relationship was standing in the way. So he looked at my x-ray and told me that he saw some good healing....and paused. Oh crap...I hate the pause. The open ended sentence where you know the words should end, but the thought is not complete. He then showed me the latest x-ray and explained how most of the break was filled in, but it was not completely healed. Arrrghhhh!!!!  He then said something about actual clinical healing vs. X-ray healing not showing the same results,  blah, blah, blah. I didn't hear much after that because I sort of stopped listening.

He said it would continue to heal, but he really wanted me to have at least 3 more weeks to get it absolutely fused. He said there could be a "setback" if  I exerted it the wrong way while it was still in its new bone formation state. *Sigh*.

I agreed to take it easy for the next 3 weeks with my riding, and he made me promise not to do any running. I easily agreed to abstaining from running since I had no intention of doing That anyway. Clearly, he didn't get me. Running....As if ...!!!! I also promised to keep taking extra Calcium which is a snap for me because I LOVE milk. And ice cream. And Ovaltine. And cows....but I think I am getting off topic now.

I left the doctor's office, came home and promptly readied myself and bike for a nice long mountain bike ride. Figured I'd start the ride on the "tame" trail for a nice warm up. Everything started out great and I was cruising along. However, that soon changed.  I guess we have officially hit the freeze/thaw point of the season because as I  neared the end, the trail started to become very greasy and slippery with mud. The climbs were just turning into elevated spin outs and the fun mild downhills more like white knuckling descents. My bike started skidding sideways in many sections and I wasn't doing it on purpose (despite how cool it probably looked). Look she's drifting.....

It was just about that time that I realized I left my cell phone back at the car and riding alone without one really isn't too bright. I turned my bike back around feeling somewhat defeated and pedaled back to the car. My ride was clearly over since my skills didn't seem at all up to snuff for this after being off the bike for so long. I only got about an hour in, but the doctor's warning kept echoing in my head. I didn't want to screw up on my first "official" day back by wiping out in some stupid mud. That would truly blow...or suck...both actually.

So tomorrow is another day. I plan to do multiple laps with the Cross bike on my fire road trails and get my "base" endurance mileage in instead. I am not going to stress about it. I have plenty of time before I have to do my "epic adventure" so I am going to just get my mileage in where and when I can.  Because as much as I liked my sport's doc....I really don't want to have to see him again. And, I think right about now might be a good time to place my order for those Mud tires I want from the local bike shop.

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