Monday, December 26, 2011

The Home Stretch

I am approaching the last two weeks of not being able to trail ride and I am chomping at the bit. The doc made me go the full 12 weeks for healing, but says that he anticipates no problems and this is best for what I plan to do going forward. Lots and lots of pedaling.

Santa's Xmas Surprise
Yesterday was Christmas and Santa (a/k/a) my wonderful hubby brought me a new Cyclocross bike and I am super psyched to try it out. However, I also received something for Christmas that I could have really done without, and that's a bad head cold. So now instead of doing a test run on the new bike, I am sniffling and coughing and just waiting for January 5th to roll around when the doc gives me the OK to trail ride again.

And, oooh, am I excited about that. Not being able to ride trails is a great motivator to make you appreciate the trails you have "in your back yard" again. So while others might be tiring of riding the same old, same old, for me, they will all be new once again when I return. That's another positive thing I can look forward to. That "new trail smell".

I have a lot of goals for 2012 on my to do list, so I hope to be putting a lot of miles on my new bike as well. My ultimate goal is to do the Fool's Gold in GA in September. I have wanted to do this race since I heard about it roughly 3 years ago. It will be more climbing in any single ride than I have ever done in my life but the atmosphere is supposed to be wonderful and the race is really well supported from what I've read in  past reviews. There will also be after race music and great food and beautiful scenery. Races with food and music at the end are my kind of thing. Probably one of the main reasons why I choose to participate in most of them. However, I have no illusions that it will not be extremely hard, but I know I can do it. It could take me anywhere from 6-8 hours to do the 50 miles with all the elevation. Oh the elevation.  But, did I mention there will be food and a party atmosphere at the end? Yes, I believe I did. I should mention it again. Not so much for your sake, but for mine.

This will also be the first time I actually do any significant traveling to participate in an event like this so much of this experience will be new for me. I signed up on the day registration opened for fear that I would get shut out since this year this is the final race in the Ultra Endurance series. That means lots of competitive people will be there. People that I will probably see at the starting line only. And maybe on the podium. Assuming they don't pack up and leave before I finish my own race and I miss them getting their awards. Sell out did not happen as I expected and now I kind of feel silly that I entered so early. But, it's done and now I have a commitment. The truth is though that my racing adventures will always simply be for me. I will never be the competitive type like a "real" racer. I know this because 1) I never get nervous or stressed out before races 2) I don't really care about the competition or how I place amongst strangers I don't know. This is why I prefer endurance racing to any other. These types of races are a competition against oneself. Others just happen to be there. So from what I've heard and read, those are two traits that many "real" racers have that make them very successful. Nerves and giving a crap. I think I will pass on that. I just like to push myself for the sake of it. The longer the time on the bike, the better I say. And if you feed me at the end, I am golden.

Ironically, another race I've signed up for 2012 did sell out in just 10 measly hours which is something I never expected. I made it into that one, but didn't want to take the chance of  that happening here since I have my heart set on this GA event. So Georgia, here I come.

Beginning in January, my plan is to ride, ride, ride as much as I can. But, for now, I get to stare at my new gift in the living room, and imagine how cool it will be when I finally get to take it for a spin. *Sigh*.

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