Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Race Aspirations

I have come to a consensus on what my plans are for racing this year. I have never really put together a plan of sorts for mtb racing so the fact that I even have a "plan" is something new. Usually, I like to just play things by ear.

And part of me thinks I am only making this blog post to hold myself accountable.
I have read and heard often that if you think you want something, and you put it in writing that you are more likely to do it. Plus I like lists. I like making them. And then crossing things off when I complete them. It's a quirky thing. Don't ask me why, it just makes me feel good. So, sue me.
Okay, that last dare was a joke. Don't really sue me. Lawyers are pricey and apparently so are these race entry fees. 

So here goes....drum roll please.

2/12/12 Bushwhack Mountain Bike Race
4/07/12 6 Hours of Warrior Creek Duo
5/27/12 24 Hrs of Burn (5 person team) 
6/06/12 Triad MTB Training Series @ Country Pk.*
6/20/12 Triad MTB Training Series @ Bur-Mil *
7/08/12  4 Hours of Run From the Cops 
9/8/12 Fool's Gold (not the 100, the 50... I ain't no fool)
10/20/12 Mud Bug Obstacle Run (somethin' new to try just because).

Okay so that really didn't deserve a drum roll per se. Maybe a dull pencil tapped upon a table a few dozen times, but it's my list. And I hope to accomplish these "feats" and be able to blog about my experiences so some day when I am old and forgetful, I can look back and say, "oh yeah"...I remember when.  Come to think of it, I am pretty forgetful now, so it's a good thing I typed those out so I remember to show up for them. ;-)

I may enter those shorter XC races and the others I've placed asterisks on throughout the year, but for those I will just  take them as they come and decide then depending on work schedule. I don't want to plan everything so that will be my "spontaneous" stuff. I do prefer long mileage races, but I think that some of the shorter ones can offer benefits too. Like, teach me how to run with the pack at full speed out of the gate. Something I have never been good at, but I notice it is a common theme among guy rides. There are quite a few local-ish races this year in my area, so it would make it easy to participate. Not easy to finish, but at least easy to show up for and that's a  good start.

See you on the starting lines. And fingers crossed, eventually at the finish lines as well. :-)

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